In brief, this is a story about the destiny of the Art of Pantomime after the death of the great mime Marcel Marceau. This is the story of one of his students who has turned out into a close friend and pedagogical assistant – Gerasim Dishliev. This is also the story of many other artists on the road of pantomime. This is a story about the place of art in today’s world of fast speed, quick credits and quick fame.

“Silence is filled with a large content category. Just keep silence for a moment and image the whole avalanche of thoughts and feelings that may overtake for hundredths of a second. Now, multiply these feelings by plenty of minutes, plenty of hours, plenty of days. And you will see the mighty power of silence. And it is hard to express it and still so impressive and captivating.”

Marcel Marceau


The story behind the book

Four years ago I met Guerassim Dichliev. I knew that he lived in Paris, that he was an actor and worked with Marcel Marceau. I photographed him for the local newspaper, that I worked for. I started going to his shows in Bulgaria and France, watched him rehearse and tutor his students in Paris. Through this photo book "The Last(Eternal) Mime" I want to make the pantomime more understandable as an art form. To present Guerassim Dichliev’s story and at the same time the story of so many mimes all over the world.

Art is not a business